Technology and Design : Unique Features of Sustainable Habitats ?
Net Zero Energy Constructions (Comfort in extreme weather without additional energy demand)
Active Homes (Generating more energy than required )
Highly Energy efficient homes (Protecttion against both hot & cold weather)
Thermal Protection (Uniformly high & air tight insulation for no effects of ageing or weathering )
Acoustic Insulation at no extra cost or effort (Shuts out air borne & impact sound)
Disaster Resistant Buildings with fully load bearing walls(Withstands Earth quake, floods, fire, cyclones)
Low Maintenance homes (Crack & leak free roof ans walls)
Simpler, faster, and healthier(Quick assenbly of light weight modular systems for permament indoor comforts)
Resource conservation in Construction & cost savings in Operation runs(Low embodied energy throughout life cycle)
Eco friendly Buildings (No health hazards, or hamful gases )
Year round Comfort, even in extreme weather (Stable indoor temperature despite wide daily variation)

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