RIBBS are Insulating concrete form or insulated concrete form (ICF) from Reliable Insupacks (P) Ltd.intoducing this unique concrete formwork to India.This is a system of formwork for reinforced concrete usually made with a rigid thermal insulation, made of self extinguishing EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) that stays in place as a permanent interior and exterior substrate for walls, floors, and roofs. The forms are interlocking modular units that are dry-stacked (without mortar) and filled with concrete. The units lock together somewhat like giant Lego bricks and create a form for the structural walls or floors of a building. ICF construction has become commonplace for both low rise commercial and high performance residential construction as more stringent energy efficiency and natural disaster resistant building codes are adopted.

Over the last two decades, ICFs have become the most preferred construction material for green buildings in many countries with extreme weather conditions due to their -
reduced construction time,
compatibility with any inside or outside surface finish,
mold & pest resistance,
noise reduction,
reduced dust & dirt infiltration,
significant and continuing energy savings

Download PDFRIBBs Advantage: Wall height is not a constraint
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