Our technology for newly built or renovation of old walls combines limitless exterior design, beautiful facade including architectural elements like trims,window sills, pilasters and decorative bands with THERMAL, ACOUSTICAL & STRUCTURAL protection of the complete Building envelope.

Due to effects of changing weather, walls & roof start ageing from day one of construction, causing 'thermal stress', visible after a few years as surface cracks.

Total Wall & Roof insulation prevents this damage and saves up to 60-80% energy costs for heating or cooling the interiors. For long lasting & maintenance free results, our process involves fixing EPS sheets of appropriate thickness or decorative shape cut from molded blocks to the exterior walls and cladding the surface with reinforced render. Paints or Tiles can be added for greater visual impact.

Insulation may also be inside cavity walls or on cold storage walls.

Download PDF WALL INSULATION for India's 1st Rated Green Building
Download PDFWall Insulation for Stunning Facade & Life time Savings
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