We manufacture and supply EPS molded Pipe Sections for pipe line insulation with accurate densities in fire self extinguishing (SE) and normal (P) qualities. Our products are available for wide range of diameter pipelines with a variety of standard insulation thickness in single or double layers as per requirement of the application. These Pipe Sections in half round cylindrical shapes are ideal for cold and dual temperature (i.e. hot and cold) insulation of chilled water pipes in cold storage, refrigerant or cryogenic pipelines, hot water and process pipeline applications. The main purpose of insulating pipelines is to prevent heat passage to or from fluid carried in pipes to the surrounding air. Insulating the pipeline will prevent sweating ( due to condensation of air borne moisture on the cold pipe surface) of the pipe and consequent dripping and corrosion. Insulating a pipeline will also have the additional benefit of subduing the noise made by the fluid flowing inside the pipe.

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