Most products can be shipped using 1.5 to 2\\\" thick EPS. For best protection, use a molded container of Fire Resistant grade.
Taking care of empty spaces in packed containers to minimize heat loss - Fill void or empy space with bubble wrap, newspapers, etc.
This reduces the chance of heat pockets forming in empty air channels surrounding a product. It also provides additional protection from movement within the shipping container during transit.
Select a temperature indicator, if needed.
Pre condition refrigerants, as required.
Position your product, refrigerants, and indicator (if needed) inside the cold chain packaging container.
Close and tape shut the container.
Label the top of the box to ensure that it is shipped upright.
Shipping requirements :
Cool/Chilled Shipments [+5°C]Use refrigerated or frozen refrigerants.When there is a risk of freezing a refrigerated product (very cold ambient temperature), non-frozen refrigerants may be sandwiched between frozen refrigerants and the product to prevent freezing.
Frozen Shipments [0°C to -20°C]Use frozen refrigerants .
Frozen Shipments for Long Durations or for < -20°C, Dry ice is recommended for transporting frozen products for durations of 2 or more days. Please note that your product must be secured within the container since dry ice gets smaller as it sublimates (goes from solid to gas).
Use only molded containers of correct dimensions.
Contact our experienced team for assistance in this decision making process.

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