Building insulation means creating a resistance to the flow of heat from the warmer side to the colder side of the insulated building roof or walls.

In most countries worldwide the building bye laws require a certain thermal insulation value to be met for different building elements like Roof, Walls etc. This is achieved by adding a layer of thermal insulating material like EPS or XPS to the building element. This improves the comfort level of the residents and also reduces electrical power consumption in air conditioning / cooling very substantially.


  • 1. If an insulating material layer of only 50mm (insulation value is 24 times that of brick bat coba or 30 times that of equivalent thickness mud phaska) is added to the roof then the insulation value of the total roof may go up by over 5 times. This increase in insulation value :
    • a. Minimizes heat loss from the interior in winter months, and
    • b. Minimizes heat gain from outside in the summer months

This will substantially improve resident comfort level and reduce air conditioning requirements thus lowering the capacity (tonnage) of airconditioner required as well as the operating power and maintenance costs. Insulation is the single most cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency based on cost comparison per square foot. This is a totally passive system with no operation cost over the life of the building. Governments are recognizing this with new energy efficiency legislation and national and international commitments.

Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most homes. Besides wasting energy these leakages are the cause of the uncomfortable hot or cold drafts.

By insulating a building or home , you :-
a. Save money (upto 40% of your AC power bill) and the nation's limited energy resources
b. Maintain a uniform, comfortable temperature throughout your interiors , throughout the year.

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