Building Design for

Building design today has to be more than just aesthetically pleasing, they have to provide multiple benefits. Open the door to a RELIABLE ICF home and see how you can enjoy greater comfort, safety, energy efficiency, a healthier and more eco-friendly environ. For comfortable, healthy and low main

Only 14° in a passi

An ICF customer in Spain recorded the indoor temperature during a period of 22 days when the outdoor temperature varied from 2degree C to 38. Inside was constant at 14 in the basement, 15 on the ground floor and 16 on the first.

Thermal Insulation

Talked about thermal insulation in last couple of blogs and how it is more cost effective than additional energy generation (1 unit of energy saved is equivalent to 2.75 units of energy generated). Buildings consume almost 60% of energy generated and almost 60-65% of this consumption goes into heati

Monsoon Challenges f

Why should you ask for a team of expert applicators for you Home Roofing issues ? To begin with, a good waterproofing layer on the external surface is a must for lasting terrace and crack free roof. Next comes the all important insulation material, criteria for selection should be its ease of ins

Wall Cladding with E

One of our recently finished projects in Delhi . Apart from thermal comfort, visual appeal by way of a pleasing exterior appearance is also an important factor in building design. Our solution - external insulation & facade finish (EIFS) is the perfect answer to this issue. After application

Wall Undulation Remo

Wall Straightening and removal of undulations in concrete framed buildings with columns & beams becomes a problematic issue. It is difficult to tackle in a short time and needs lot of efforts with planning for additional manpower, cost and project delays. This is often caused by surface misalignmen
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